Shashen Jewels Gemstone Collections

About Shashen Jewels

Shashen’s unique collections are designed in the spirit of truth, beauty and play; to inspire, remind and connect with your essence through the vibrational energies of the gemstones.

Our First Love, Mother Love, Daily Love and Angel Love collections are the first of our perfect ‘gifts to go’ for yourself or those you love. They include a greeting card, gift envelope, some inspiring snappy repartee, sacred geometry, the gemstone meaning and a meditation.

First Love reminds us that we are our first and most enduring love.

As Wilde said “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.

Motherlove connects Mother and child and Mother earth and each of us
while Daily Love reminds us that we are different every day and discovering new things about ourselves never ends.

What gemstone do you need today?

And remember to call on an angel to help you. They are everywhere you know.

Enjoy today and every day….