The Shashen Jewels Story

Eilish Bouchier - Shashen JewelleryShãshen Jewels was divined at a spiritual retreat, known as João de Deus in 1997,
on a crystal mountain in Central Brazil.

Founder Eilish Bouchier arrived as a branding designer and left many meditating weeks later,
with a blueprint to create a range of jewellery
that connected people with their essential selves, and each other.

The name shãshen (also divinely inspired)
comprises the female (shã) and male (shen) energies which together forms the perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Shãshen believes there is beauty everywhere
and when you discover your own,
you open your heart in a way that,
you can more easily find it and inspire it in others.

The jewellery are more than just objects of beauty and adornment.
They are a medium to celebrate, inspire, share,
connect and nurture yourself
and the people you love in the different moments of your lives
and as a reminder of your faith and love.
You all experience beginnings, endings,
moments of intense joy and grief, loss and celebration.
It is in sharing and owning the light and dark
that you grow and deepen the connection
within yourself and with others.

The instructions from spirit were clear:
to create beautiful vibrational gemstone jewellery,
in India supporting the artisans;
to be worn worldwide with part of the proceeds
returning to educate children.
Shãshen does this through Nanhi Khali,
a girl education program
and using fair trade agreements with our artisans.

It embodies a deeply held philosophy
that we are all in this together.

There’s more than enough for everybody.
Let’s play nicely and share,
so we can to leave the world better than when we arrived.

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