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About eilish

I design and produce a range of gemstone jewellery that is spiritual and beautiful. They are classic and contemporary in style with the gemstones chosen as much for their energy as for their beauty, clarity, cut, colour and carats. The idea is circular giving where you gift yourself and help others as part of the proceeds returns to educate young girls in India. I travel to India twice a year to work with stones cutters and silversmiths to hand pick the stones and make the new collections. I design on the basis of wabi sabi which is a japanese concept of perfection within imperfection. The jewels are all about feeling your own beauty as you enjoy wearing them.

Full Moon in Virgo – Your essential self

Virgo has a reputation for being neat organised, crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's. Sounds a lot like control doesn't it. (not an affliction exclusive to Virgoans though:-) We're in a Pisces sun - dreamy and fluid is its opposite sign. Could they be more different? but as always it is somewhere in the middle [...]

New Day, New Year, New Moon I had the most graceful New Year's Eve ever. I always think of NYE as a night where's this pressure 'to have a good time' and to have something 'special' on. I spent it with gorgeous friends one of whom lives near the Sydney Theatre Company. So we strolled in the neighbourhood, cooked a beautiful dinner, [...]

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New Moon in Sagittarius

This is a beautiful lamp I found someplace. Please help if you know the creator. Whatever was occupying your mind and your heart at the weekend might well be where your intention more

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