Asymmetric black onyx (helps centre your energy and align it with a higher power) with blue chalcedony drop (balances your aura) beaded necklace with silver balls















Photography by Oliver Strewe


In design balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

It’s visual and physical.

It involves light, colour, weight and more . . .

If the design of a piece of jewellery is off balance, the jewels don’t fall or rest as they should.

If buildings, flowers, trees, cakes are not balanced; they fall over.

Simple really, then why is it so hard to achieve?

Especially when our sense of it is so innate we know when it’s off, or when we’re a little askew,
even when we can’t always articulate why.

The pursuit of balance in our lives is pretty vital,
but we seem to have this perception it needs to be symmetrical

– one part work, one part family, one friends, one health and fitness, and the list goes on.

What if we designed our lives to be asymmetrically balanced?

So tell me, what would that look for like you? 

 Next up, contrast which just happens to be the second principle of design