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Daily Love Collection

///Daily Love Collection

I believe our lives are the compound interest of our daily actions.

That’s the most OMG threat and the most delicious promise.

What do you do every day?

I also believe in the power of intention. This collection is inspired to remind

you to start each day with intention of what you need, want desire to

happen that day.

Working on a project? Need some creativity (link to Citrine)

Working to focus? Make something happen? (link to Smoky Quartz)

Need to make some decisions? Connect with your power (link to Citrine)

Have a presentation or a challenging conversation? (link to Aquamarine)

Feeling a little rough around the edges? (link to Rose Quartz)

Something amiss? Mind too busy? Need some intuition (link to Amethyst

Feeling disconnected? (link to Clear Quartz)