Hand selected and hand crafted faceted Amethyst central gemstone with Amethyst and sterling silver beads on a silk and cotton thread with adjustable closer.

Wonderful alone and more fun multiplied but always with love (and when you remember 🙂 with loving intention.

Download a free 3 minute guided meditation
Listen any time you want, need or desire to connect with your essence throughout your day.

Words on Card
It’s an inside out job.

You are all you ever need. Always.
Observe yourself in relation to others.
Trust your instincts to speak up,
gently fold in, kick ass or run a mile.

Amethyst – intuition, sixth sense, wisdom serenity, peace of mind. 6th/ajna/third eye chakra.

  • Hand cut, hand selected semi-precious
  • 8mm central gemstone
  • Amethyst and sterling silver beads
  • 7″ – 10″ silk and cotton thread
  • Sterling silver adjustable closure
  • Bonus guided meditation
  • Inspiring gift card
  • Gift envelope