Hand selected and hand crafted faceted Citrine central gemstone with Citrine and sterling silver beads on a silk and cotton thread with adjustable closer.

Wonderful alone and more fun multiplied but always with love (and when you remember 🙂 with loving intention.

Download a free 3 minute guided meditation
Listen any time you want, need or desire to connect with your essence throughout your day.

Words on Card
Lighting you up.

Fuelling your fire.
Start a fire. Start a movement.
Eclipse the lazies. Bypass the naysayers.
Fire is for blazing. Creating is amazing.
Let’s get stoking. Let’s get doing. . .

Citrine – creativity, birthing, power, manifesting. 2nd/sacral and 3rd/solar plexus chakras

  • Hand cut, hand selected semi-precious 8mm central gemstone
  • Citrine and sterling silver beads
  • 7″-10″ silk and cotton thread
  • Sterling silver adjustable closure
  • Bonus guided meditation
  • Inspiring gift card
  • Gift envelope